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About this site


This website was born out of my work as a business adviser over the past 12 years and involving assignments with over 300  clients ranging from one man operations , corner shops and start-ups to large high tech companies.



It  focusses on the  issues of Marketing and IT as these are issues that are changing most rapidly and are issues that most of my clients have had the greatest problems in coming to terms with.



It is written very much from a Small Business perspective. The literature is dominated by stuff for big corporates and big brands, with big budgets, and who  can, and do, employ expensive consultants. It is in thier best interests to make everything seeem complex and difficult and, therefore, expensive!


In reality, it isn't complex,and indeed, only a small proportion is relavent for small businesses.This site attempts to cut through the complexity, and identify what is important as opposed to what people are trying to sell to you as being important!



I see it very much as a reference site with a brief top level overview of each subject area. This is supported by a more in depth PowerPoint Presentation which can be viewed on the site or downloaded for viewing at leisure.  This is in turn supported a series of Resources Documents which can, again, be downloaded. These contain a mixture of further useful material which i have either developed or used with clients over the last few years and copious links to sources of further information which will take you further.



It majors, upfront, with a Blog which contains my personal, and often outspoken, views on a range of topical subjects relating to the overall areas of IT, marketing and strategy.



The remainder of this About section contains the following:


  • Bio: what i have done and why on earth should you take any notice of what i say!

  • References.: A selection of unsolicited written and video references for the work i do

  • Contact.: If you would like to contact me or join me on social media- this tells you how and where to do it. Please tell me about anything i have missed, or misunderstood or just plain disagree with me!

  • Recent Articles: Some recent publications which can be viewed or downloaded


I do not regard myself as an Expert , Guru, Maven or Ninja or any other self appointed label. I am just trying to make sense of a complex, and potentially hugely useful, area of knowledge to the average person trying to run  a business on a day to day basis.