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The term "content is king" is probably overused but ultimately accurate. It is now arguably the pre-eminent tactic in digital marketing. There are, essentially, four reasons for this:

1. Search.

Getting ranked highly by search engines has changed radically over the past few years. Google, in particular has changed it's emphasis, via several iterations of its search algorithm, to place a premium on sites with fresh and original content. Gone are the days when bought in links and duplicate content were sufficient tactics to get high rankings!

2. Customer Engagement

Customer engage with website that deliver them value. It is the content of the site which provides the value and encourages them to explore, and subsequently return, to websites. Whatever the visual appeal of a website, if it offers little in the way of valuable content then visitors will quickly move on to one that does and will not return.

3.Customer Commitment.

Getting customer to visit and stay on a website is only half of the task. They have to be ultimately convinced to buy whatever is on offer. It is the structured use of different content types that drives them from visitors to purchasers and ultimately to repeat purchasers.

4. Lifeblood of the Marketing Ecosystem.

It is content, and the value that it offers, that is the basis of sharing which underpins the whole digital marketing ecosystem described previously. It is the sharing and referral of content that increases a websites reach. It is the promise of the of the realisation of that  value that ultimately attracts new  customers to a website.

The importance of content

Content types

Some of the contents types which are likely to be most important

to small businesses include:



Product Information

News Releases

Articles, White Papers, EBooks


References/Case Studies /Reviews


These are covered in more detail in the presentation above

with further resources identified in the downloadable Resource Papers (see across).


Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy for a small business is problematic as resources-both time and money- are in short supply! Consequently a simple and pragmatic approach is suggested based as far as possible as focussing on content that is already available and likely to be effective:

strategy diagram

Resources Documents(Downloadable)