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Digital Marketing

Marketing has undoubtedly undergone a revolution since the turn of the millennium.

This revolution is often associated with the advent of Digital Marketing.


This revolution has been largely driven by the impact of technological change and in particular the rise of The Internet

The remainder of this section covers some of the main elements of Digital Marketing in more depth as follows:-


  • The basic principles of Marketing

  • The changing role of websites

  • The importance of search.

  • The emerging pre-eminence of content.


The next major section looks at Social Networking as separate entity, for no other reason than it's complexity, and coverage, make it easier to do so! Subsequent sections look at the impact of other technologies on small businesses such as the Cloud and Mobile technologies.


Digital Marketing Diagram

The diagram above illustrates the space that Digital Marketing occupies: where Business, Marketing and The internet overlap. This is amplified in the slideshow above right.

This is not to say traditional marketing techniques are no longer relevant. Rather they have been supplemented by a new armoury of digital marketing techniques. This makes the selection of the right approach even more problematical for small businesses...

The Rise of Digital Marketing  

  ( click for Infographic)

History of Marketing pic