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My Bio

A lifelong, and habitual,Strategist by training with a natural distrust of accepted wisdom - The status quo is not something of great interest to me!


It is change,  and in particular strategic changes, as they effect business, which fascinates me.


I also have developed a healthy distrust of some of the orthodox solutions offered to businesses in the marketplace- one size seldom fits  anybody- let alone all! Hence this website is designed from the perspective of a small business and not a large brand


I have been working with pre-start, micro, small and medium sized businesses  for the last 12 years in the Thames Valley and in South and West Wales and have now had involvement with around 200  businesses. A selection of client references are included below.


I  prefer to work in an advisory/mentoring role  with businesses over medium to longer terms. For example, throughout a whole change cycle, from initial strategic review through to implementation, review and realignment. In my experience short term consultancy type interventions seldom achieve sustainable results.


Over the past few years i have been increasingly involved in advising businesses on IT and Marketing issues and this has inevitably involved digital marketing and social media as these are perceived as disruptive strategic issues by a large number of businesses. Since 2009, such has been the demand,  I have also been giving regular seminars with CODA for businesses looking to exploit these areas of business development. Copies of the presentation slide sets for Digital Marketing  and  Cloud and Mobile Computing  are available for viewing in the resources sections which feature extensively below on this site.


Some of my more recent articles can also be found later in this about section, as can be a number of written and video references.


Currently I trade through a  limited company: Masters Associates Limited i and am involved with a Genealogy Tours business in Wales


Previously a corporate career in the UK IT industry with ICL (Now Fujitsu), as Managing Director.


I have acquired over the years an "alphabet soup" of Qualifications and Professional Memberships which seem of little real relavance now.


A more traditional chronological  type bio, can be found on various online profiles. These can be found by clicking on the links below:






I also have a presence on a number of social Media sites, the most active ones can be found by clicking the various icons to the left.