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References1 (written)

"The help and business advice that Richard Masters has given to Pen-y-bont gymnastics has been invaluable. He has left no stone unturned in the start up of this new company.

Thanks to his unstinting support, Pen-y-bont Gymnastics is well on its way to being a very successful community enterprise. This has been an extremely challenging project to get off the ground and the support of the Welsh assembly via Richard Masters’ vision and expertise has been greatly appreciated." June 15, 2011

Gareth Davies

“Richard is the one stop solution to business planning that all businesses should be considering. His attention to detail and organisational skills are second to none,he has astounded us with his breadth of knowledge and professionalism, a rare find !!!” August 29, 2009

Paul Spencer.

“Richard and I collaborate in our advisory work with SMEs in Wales where he concentrates on the business planning and IT issues while I deal with the people issues particularly those relating to the WAG Workforce Development Programme. This has worked successfuly for a number of years.but it wasn't until fairly recently that I began to appreciate just how good Richard is when I attended a workshop he was running at which he was describing the nature, practice and value of social networking as a means of business development. This has completely changed my thinking and I have begun to put his wisdom into practice. I can thoroughly recommend him as a source of excellent advice and support.” January 3, 2011

Malcolm McGreevy. McGreevy Cosulting International.

“Richard has been working closely with Cadarn Solutions Ltd to help develop our business strategy and commercialisation plans for our innovative and novel products. Richard has a great deal of knowledge and expertise which have firmly underpinned his excellent and well valued consultancy support to our company.” June 1, 2010

Rob Stone

" thank you for all your help along the way and have learned a hell of a lot during your visits and wish you all the best in the future"

David Saunders

“Richard provides a high-quality detailed oriented services. I have had the pleasure of benefiting from his well respected advice and learning from case studies. Richard has demonstrated how well he can interact with start-up companies and setting clear objectives for development, and how best to approach challenges.” August 11, 2009

Elio Annuncio

It is customary to include some of the  written comments from, current and past clients as proof of ones expertise. However, my view is slightly different. it is working with these clients on the problems they faced which has helped me appreciate what works and what does not work for small buisnesses and to develop the content of this website.

“I would highly recommend Richard who provided excellent support, development and advice in two projects. He provided that extra support that makes the difference.” February 24, 2011

Hywel Griffiths.